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Sunday, February 17th 2019. | Dairy Free Desserts

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Peanut Butter Cookies Monster No Flour Easy Dairy Free Desserts

But if you NEVER had them - how would you feel? Be honest! Wouldn t something be missing in your life? 2. Missing them is a threat for your diet attempt Second the reason why people fail in dieting is not so much (as often believed) because the desserts and sweet things make them to. It s because - with the best intentions - they banned everything sweet from their life and eventually they miss these foods so much that they are defeated by their craving start cheating and finally drop the diet. It s not because of the desserts that the diet failed it s because there were NO desserts IN the diet. Sooner or later you then can t resist these sweet temptations and that s the end of the road. The secret is not to "go on a diet" but to "change your diet" to a healthier one that includes what you love.

In fact there are three ways how your diet can benefit from desserts: 1. They make us happy and self-confident First they make us feel great and feeling great is important for your general wellbeing. If you feel good you will be more motivated to lose this extra weight and you will be more confident that you will. If you can t believe in yourself you won t have much success. We use desserts to spoil or reward us every now and then or maybe to comfort us to celebrate a special occasion and sometimes we have them just because. We just can t go without them. We might not need them every day but they are an essential part of our life. They are the little beams of light in our eating life that brighten up our days. If we have them sometimes only that makes them even more special.

Just because someone is lactose intolerant or lives a vegan lifestyle does not mean that they should not be able to enjoy delicious desserts. Making dairy free desserts is just as simple as making any other type of treat. However there are a few simple tips that can make the entire process even healthier and more delicious. If someone truly cannot eat dairy products for a health reason they should be careful with the products that they choose. It is important to remember that lactose free is not necessarily the same as not having dairy. To be sure of what is in the product be sure to read the ingredients carefully and make sure that there is truly no dairy included. When making dairy free desserts remember that just because a product does not have dairy does not mean that there are not many flavors available.

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